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Overview of the IRR


The Internet Routing Registry (IRR) is a distributed routing database development effort. Data from the Internet Routing Registry may be used by anyone worldwide to help debug, configure, and engineer Internet routing and addressing. The IRR provides a mechanism for validating the contents of BGP announcement messages or mapping an origin AS number to a list of networks.

The IRR emerged early in 1995, a time when providers worldwide were preparing for the end of the NSFNET Backbone Service and the birth of the commercial Internet. A current list of databases in the IRR can be found here.

Obtaining IRR Data

Routing data from the entire global registry may be obtained by entering 'whois' commands such as:
	  whois -h <network_IP>
	  whois -h AS<Autonomous_System_Number>
You can also obtain IRR data through FTP from or access it indirectly through the use of free user resources.


The IRRToolSet is now available from Github at the IRRToolSet project page.

Also see RADb support.

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